Customer Testimonials

We were very impressed by the schedule of our stay that you put together for us. All the train names, times and platform names were perfect and we actually took exactly the trains you mentioned. We even caught all the trains to Hiroshima on the day of our arrival following your schedule. One exception was that we stopped in Osaka for 2 hours on our way to Kyoto to see the nightlife. All other arrangements: Kokedera tickets, luggage, bus to Kurokawa Onsen also arrived on time to respective hotels and were very useful. Our trip would not have been the same without all these advanced reservations. We used every single of your maps and directions to get to our hotels. So all in all, you contribution to our trip was extremely valuable. We loved Japan and really want to come back in a few years. Maybe see the Japanese Alps and Hokkaido this time and stay again in an onsen.
T.S., London