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The  Keisei  Skyliner + Tokyo Metro Subscription for 24, 48 or 72 hours is the only combination that saves you money on the Tokyo subway system and getting to the city from Narita Airport. 

This is a special combined exclusive price for foreign tourists and is the ideal solution for those who want to reach the central Tokyo easily by train but does not have the JR pass or plans to activate it from the arrival.

The fastest way to reach Tokyo

The  Keisei  Skyliner is the fastest way to get to the city: the Nippori station, for example, can be reached in just 36 minutes and it takes just 41 minutes to Ueno station. 

During the journey, moreover, you will have free wi-fi for the duration of the trip. 


The Keisei Skyliner + Tokyo Metro is available in the following versions:

- One way (from Narita Airport to Ueno) + 24, 48 or 72 hours Tokyo Metro 

~ or ~

- Round trip + 24, 48 or 72 hours Tokyo Metro


In addition to the combined Keisei Skyliner + Tokyo Subway you can also buy the only connecting train to and from the airport.


How are the combined subway hours counted?

Validity and hours start from first usage. For example, if you buy a combined with the 48-hour subscription and start using it from 4:00 pm on the first day when you arrive in Tokyo, 

the ticket will be valid until 3:59 pm on the third day (see graphic below) 


How to Buy the Combined Keisei Skyliner + Tokyo Subway Metro Pass

Buying the vouchers has never been easier. Choose the combination you prefer, select the number of people, upload to cart and proceed to payment. 

You will receive the coupon within 1 business day of payment received. 

Once you arrive at the airport in Tokyo, go to EASYGO desks by Japan Holiday Travel and exchange the voucher. 

After exchanging the voucher, reserve your seats at the Keisei Skyliner desk, collect the tickets and get on board ...

FAQ> Frequently asked questions

Q: What should I do with the electronic voucher? Can I get on the train by presenting the voucher? 

A: No. Once you arrive in Japan, you need to exchange your electronic voucher at our EasyGo by Japan Holiday Travel at Narita Airport. 

Once you receive the coupon you just need to go to the Keisei Skyliner desk and book your seat on the first available train.

Q: Where are the EasyGo by Japan Holiday Travel where I can change the electronic voucher? 

A: Along with the electronic voucher you will also receive the map to locate our desks. 

EasyGo desks by Japan Holiday Travel are really easy to reach and are located in both Narita Airport terminals. 

As soon as you have completed the airport procedures and collected your baggage you should not have trouble finding them.

Q: Where is the Keisei Skiliner desk?

A: View the video and find out how easy it is.

Q: Do I necessarily have to use the Tokyo Subway subscription the same day I change my voucher?

A: No, you can also use the subscription for another day but it must be used within 6 months of purchase.

If you buy the Combo you have unlimited rides on all lines of the Tokyo Subway and save!

Please place an order at least 3 days prior to departure.


It is valid within 180 days from the scheduled date. Once bought the voucher no cancelations, refunds, or changes can be made.

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